Bracimex Brasil, Comércio, Importação e Exportação Ltda
Rua Antonia Sá e Silva, 151, Eusébio - Ceará - Brasil
Phone: +55 85 3262.1226
Mobiles: +55 85 9621.3015/9171.4291
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Bracimex-Brasil, Comercio, Importação, Exportação e Representações Ltda was established in February 2.010 by the partners Olmedo Humberto Arciniegas Cuellar and his wife, Ozitha Vaz Marques Arciniegas Cuellar, to meet the need that the market had of an ethical, full and transparent company, with excellence in quality and customized services in accordance with the prerogatives of each client.

The partner Olmedo Humberto Arciniegas Cuellar, Spanish origin, graduated in business administration, Brazilian naturalized, with studies at the Institut International d´Administration Publique in Paris and at the Université de Paris I – Sorbonne, with a Master Degree in International Businesses at Uniforn (Universidade de Fortaleza, Brazil) and MBA from FGV (Brazil), with extensive experience in multinational organizations such as Banque Sudameris, Banque de L`Union Européenne, Creusot Loire group, and L`Oreal de Paris. In Brazil he served for more than 30 years as a foreign trade manager of companies like Bicicletas Caloi, Textil Bezerra de Menezes Group, Textil Uniao Group and Nufarm Industria Química.

The partner Ozitha Vaz Marques Arciniegas Cuellar, Brazilian, lawyer, with a specialization in Civil, Criminal and Administrative Procedure at ESMEC and at the UFC (Universidade Federal do Ceara, Brazil), having participated in the Commission of work placement in OAB-CE (Brazilian Lawyers Organization – Ceara) during 8 years and with more than 33 years working in various areas of Banco do Nordeste do Brazil, the most important Brazilian Northeast development bank.

Our Company

In tune with the direction imposed by globalization, our company was created to bring to our clients the best in international market in quality and price concerning all kind of commodities (sugar, sojabean, wheat, yellow corn, crude and refined oils),inputs, products and equipments (glass, ceramics, civil construction materials, heavy machinery, etc, ...) and the establishment of conditions for the achievement of great deals for our clients.

Based on our core values of ethics, competence, transparency, commitment, excellence in the quality of our services, respect for our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment, we offer all kinds of imported products, as well as the export of Brazilian products for all countries in the world. Bracimex provides all kinds of services in international affairs and foreign trade: business advise, marketing studies, business viability assessment, development of importing and exporting projects, business plan development, customs clearance (with a partner company), brokering, foreign trade commercial representation, logistics projects involving port operation, shipping agency, import and export. We also provide advise to companies, both beginners and experienced in foreign trade, with or without own structure of management in the area.


Meet our customers needs, exceeding their expectations, generating credibility, contributing with their competitiveness at the national and international markets, adding value to our customers and partners, generating sustainable growth of our business, our country and respect for the environment.


Be a company of high reference in international market, thanks to the excellence in the quality of our work, as well as its sustainable growth, along with its constant competition with our own performance and the continued focus in high level of integrity and good relationship with our customers and their constant satisfaction.
Rua Antonia Sá e Silva, 151, Eusébio - Ceará - Brasil
Phone: +55 85 3262.1226
Mobiles: +55 85 9621.3015/9171.4291

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